Electricity optimization can be performed at various levels:
  1. Price of electricity - in the case of electricity trading, thanks to Directive 2003/54/EC of the European Parliament there was opened the electricity market, which enables customers to choose their operator, and thus to introduce the competition. At this stage, on behalf of our customers, we can renegotiate the terms of contracts, change providers and create purchasing groups, which can significantly reduce the price of electricity.
  2. Distribution – in this field of electricity Solvedge performs a detailed energy balance for its customers, thanks to which we adapt tariffs to the production cycle.
  3. Analysis and monitoring - furthermore, with the use of analytical systems, we monitor electricity losses, failures and exceeds of the contracted power, which enables us to constantly make changes, aimed at the optimization of energy costs.
  4. Other costs: passive energy, trade costs, Solvedge thanks to the experience and knowledge of experts, as well as the use of equipment that reduce the flow of mentioned passive energy at no additional costs for the customer.

Savings can reach up to 20% of the annual electricity costs.