Optimization in the area of telecommunications is a complex process, which is based primarily on a thorough analysis of the customer's needs. Development of telecommunication and IT technologies allows you to implement tailored solutions that not only reduce costs and improve the functioning of the company, but provide for systematic development of the company based on the latest technologies.
    The main fields of optimization include:
  1. mobile telephony costs -by analyzing the demand for domestic, international and business calls, as well as their percentage in the generation of phone costs, there will be prepared the most effective packages. Such verification allows optimization among commercially available packages.
  2. fixed telephony costs – as in the case of mobile telephony, there should be performed an analysis of proportions of calls and we should also think about additional ways to improve the business, such as IP telephony that allows the connection of voice with data transmission.
  3. data transmission costs - in addition to basic services, there are also available services in the field of business communicators, hosting and collaboration tools, which, in the case of large corporations, allow for more efficient management and large savings.

Solvedge, not being a representative of any of the operators and running fixed price benchmarking, can prepare the best possible offer for the customer, taking into account all available data.