Optimization of employment and remuneration costs

Assistance in the identification of needs in the field of the optimization of employment and remuneration, design and implementation of changes, verification and optimization of the system of employment and remuneration in force in the company, conduct of training courses helping in the implementation of changes.

The implementation is done by:
  • implementation of systems appropriate to meet the needs of time, allowing the reduction of remuneration costs by reducing the amount of overtime,
  • separation of the elements of creative work,
  • reduction of the costs of social insurance contributions in accordance with applicable regulations, through the analysis of the current judicial decisions,
  • applying for individual interpretations to the Social Security Institution in case of doubt, regarding the obligation to pay contributions,
  • introduction of provisions in the work and remuneration regulations, allowing the free use of tax and social security reliefs.
PAYROLL – extensive assistance in terms of the calculation of remunerations, taking into account the aspects regarding tax and contributions.
  • assistance in correct calculation of remunerations, social insurance benefits, and determination of their basis, preparation of payrolls,
  • assistance in correct determination of the obligations to the Social Security Institution and the Treasury,
  • determination of the correct settlement method in terms of tax and contributions for various forms of employment, including contracts of employment, civil and law contracts, management contracts, remuneration of board members, dividends paid for both Polish tax residents and foreigners,
  • presentation of the correct method for the settlement of benefits in kind, as well as other in-work benefits and their correct listing on the payroll.